Information To Provide To Our Mission Viejo Bail Bonds Company

Have you ever gone through that feeling of both dread, and helplessness when receiving a phone call to inform you that a loved one, or friend has been taken into custody? A lot of people have never experienced those mixed emotions, however, there are many that have. In the event you receive a phone call from a family member, or close friend that has been arrested, you may possibly need a good bail bonds firm such as Mission Viejo Bail Bonds.

Mission Viejo Bail Bonds has been assisting the Southern Californian community for quite a number of years, and delivering the results that our clients are seeking. Our compassionate, and professional staff understand that having a family member arrested, can be extremely stressful and detrimental, not just to the individual, but the entire family. We are also aware that few can raise the bail amount on their own, let alone understand the bail bonds process.

When contacting us, there is certain information that you can to provide to our bail bonds company, to speed up the release process. The best time to gather this information, is at the time you receive the call from the arrested person.

Important information that you need to provide is:

  • The arrested person’s full legal name

  • Where they are currently being held

  • What they have been charged with

  • Where they were arrested

This information will assist Mission Viejo Bail Bonds in obtaining the information we need to organize the release process a lot quicker. In turn, the actual release of the arrested individual will be faster than if we have to gather this information themselves.

You will also be required to fill out some necessary paperwork, and pay a non-refundable fee. The fee is normally 10% of the total amount of bail, however, Mission Viejo Bail Bonds can set up a payment plan for qualifying clients. If you are co-signing for the defendant, you may have to put up some collateral. You will also be made to be aware, that you are also now responsible for the defendant making sure they make all of their necessary court appearances and if they don’t, you could be responsible for the total amount of the bail. This is something everyone needs to take into consideration before committing to being a co-signer.

Mission Viejo Bail Bonds works hard to assist clients, which has earned us an amazing reputation. Clients can be totally assured that they are in the very best hands in the industry. You can contact us on (949) 891-0691. We will be there to assist you right when you need us the most as we are available on a 24/7 basis. You can find even more great information by visiting our website.